Please Pirate

Intellectual Unproperty or Transmedial Xerocracy can be Fun

Please Pirate is an alternative to copyright. It goes like this:

I, Peter Fein, the author of the work “Please Pirate Explained Blog Post” (2010), irrevocably renounce all current and future legal rights to the work in any medium whatsoever.

I stand behind the merit of the work, but disclaim all liability for it under law.

I encourage you, the audience, to share, copy, distribute, perform, remix, mash up, interpret, excerpt, translate, and otherwise enjoy and use the work as you will.

I request that you acknowledge my authorship.

Digital versions of the work may be available at Learn more at

Clear and simple. Imagine if I tried to include the EIGHTEEN KILOBYTE Creative Commons license¬†instead? Horrors. I’d lose the few readers I imagine I have.

I’ve started using Please Pirate for more and more of my work, including this blog itself. I hope you do too.